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Welcome to
Mathematical Programming Computation
MPC Cover Design A new journal of the Mathematical Programming Society and Springer Verlag

Volume: 2018

Mathematical Programming Computation (MPC) publishes original research articles covering computational issues in mathematical programming. Articles report on innovative software, comparative tests, modeling environments, libraries of data, and/or applications. A main feature of the journal is the inclusion of accompanying software and data with submitted manuscripts. The journal's review process includes the evaluation and testing of the accompanying software. Where possible, the review will aim for verification of reported computational results.

Topics covered in MPC include linear programming, convex optimization, nonlinear optimization, stochastic optimization, robust optimization, integer programming, combinatorial optimization, global optimization, network algorithms, and modeling languages.


MPC has selected the Best Paper in 2017. This is the first time we make such a selection:

"Improved branch-cut-and-price for capacitated vehicle routing" by Diego Pecin, Artur Pessoa, Marcus Poggi, Eduardo Uchoa, pp. 61-100, Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2017.




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