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Initial Volume: 2009


Mathematical Programming Computation (MPC) publishes original research articles covering computational issues in mathematical programming. Articles report on innovative software, comparative tests, modeling environments, libraries of data, and/or applications. A main feature of the journal is the inclusion of accompanying software and data with submitted manuscripts. The journal's review process includes the evaluation and testing of the accompanying software. Where possible, the review will aim for verification of reported computational results.

Topics covered in MPC include linear programming, convex optimization, nonlinear optimization, stochastic optimization, robust optimization, integer programming, combinatorial optimization, global optimization, network algorithms, and modeling languages.

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Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2019

Table of Contents

The (not so) trivial lifting in two dimensions Abstract PDF
Ricardo Fukasawa, Laurent Poirrier, Alinson S. Xavier 211-235
QPLIB: a library of quadratic programming instances Abstract PDF
Fabio Furini, Emiliano Traversi, Pietro Belotti, Antonio Frangioni, Ambros Gleixner, Nick Gould, Leo Liberti, Andrea Lodi, Ruth Misener, Hans Mittelmann, Nikolaos V. Sahinidis, Stefan Vigerske, Angelika Wiegele 237-265
Solving linear programs with complementarity constraints using branch-and-cut Abstract PDF
Bin Yu, John E. Mitchel, Jong-Shi Pang 267-310
Simplex QP-based methods for minimizing a conic quadratic objective over polyhedra Abstract PDF
Alper Atamtürk, Andres Gomez 311-340
Optimizing over pure stationary equilibria in consensus stopping games Abstract PDF
Amin Dehghanian, Murat Kurt, Andrew J. Schaefer 341-380

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